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Buy & Sell Art

Committed to Service

An art dealer or gallery owner with substantial inventory

• Without a line of credit or financial assets he can easily borrow against
• Whose line of credit is fully tapped

An art collector with a high-quality collection

• In need of short-term liquidity (for additional art purchase or otherwise)

Typical Deal Structure



The loan will be maximum 50% of a conservative
valuation from a qualified appraiser.


6-month minimum, with the borrower’s option to extend
for an additional 6-month term. Interest is to be paid in

Any extension beyond 12 months is at the lenders
discretion and will be based on market conditions of the
specific art work as well as the art market in general.


Borrower pays legal, storage and insurance costs.

6% interest for each 6-month term.

Art Lending Program That Works for Dealers

Art dealers would rather pay lower interest rate
and share the up side when they sell the art.
No personal guarantees are required.
The art will be in the care, custody, and control of the
lender at all times and stored in a specialized, bonded
fine art storage warehouse.
The dealer may enter the warehouse under supervision
to show the art to potential buyers at any time.

Buy & Sell Art: Projects
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