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PlatinumArt - ArtFlow Funding™
the mission

Step-by-Step Process

To bring back the cash flow into the art world.

To overcome the barriers to obtain art loans.

- For borrowers with weak or no financial strength

- For borrowers that refuse to sign personal guarantees

To mobilize the underutilized inventory of art dealers and
collectors and convert it into quick accessible cash.

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What is ArtFlow Funding™

Great Results

It is a form of factoring for the art market.
Non recourse - we look only at the art as our collateral.


PlatinumArt’s Difference

ArtFlow Funding™ requires:

- No personal guarantees or personal banking statements.

- No financial statements of the dealer or collector are required.

- Funding can be achieved within 5-7 business days.

- PlatinumArt looks at the credit worthiness of the client’s fine art
and not his own credit.

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PlatinumArt Approach

How We Do It

ArtFlow Funding™

We advance up to 50% of the value of the art.

Term from 6 to 12 months (gives enough time between auction
houses sales)

Transaction size typically from from $1 to $10 Million.

Funding Art Deals: Projects
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